Personal Training Sessions & Prices

In person training to help you on your way in your fitness journey, whether you are just starting out or someone wanting to build on their strength. All sessions are fully tailored to help you achieve your goal. I ensure we set performance goals instead of physical goals, you'll find the journey is smoother. I will also provide you with nutrion guidance and calculate your calories. We'll take it step by step so that you aren't overwhelemed. If you're interested and local I am based in Horwich, Bolton.

  • 20 minute call : FREE
  • 1 session : £35
  • 8 sessions p/m : £200
  • 12 sessions p/m : £300
  • Group PT (3 ppl) : Price on enquiry

* All sessions MUST be taken within a month. Cancellations must be notified 24-48hrs prior to session otherwise you will be charged.

Lisa Kim Fit personal training a client in the gym. Jen is performing a backsquat.

You don't have to sacrifice life to be fitter and healthier.

Online Training

Online training is a tailored program adapted to you to allow you to reach your desired goals. You're the kind of person that knows what they're doing in a gym, has the drive and discipline but, needs help with structuring training sessions. You'll be required to check in and log your performance all on 1 app, it keeps you accontable.

Lisa Kim Fit personal trainer online training progress picture

Motivation comes after doing, consistency becomes discipline, discpline leads to change.


If you have any questions, please fill out the form and I'll get back to you within 24-48hrs. Alternatively, you can contact me via instagram or facbook messenger.