The greatest investment is in yourself

Have you ever felt like the gym isn't for you or that fitness just isn't your thing? Well, it is your thing. The gym is a safe space for everyone. Let me help you on your fitness journey where you will learn all the exercises and build the confidence to walk into a gym. There isn't a greater investement than in YOU and your current / future health

Lisa Kim Fit personal trainer

It's a continuous journey with endless achievements. Reaching your goal is just the start.

The Mission

I am on a mission to get as many people to fall in love with resistance training and movement. I want you to see the value that training adds to your life. For far too long it has been seen as chore. Looking after yourself should be a priority. The mental and physical benefits are huge and I want everyone to experience them. It's never too late. You ARE more capable then you could imagine.

Lisa Kim Fit personal trainer sled pushing during a workout

To be able to achieve you must hold yourself accountable.

What my clients say

I've gained so much confidence and strength and even put on 3kg which may only be a small amount but it's more than i've managed before. I've also only felt confident to lift because of how attentitive you've been, ensuring my technique is right from all angles.

Nisha P, Bolton

I've been doing PT sessions with Lisa for a few months now and she's been amazing. I started off not being able to life and now I am deadlifting 60kg! I feel stronger than ever!

Lauren C, Horwich

I have been doing your saved online workuouts, I have been loving them. You really have helped me, if only you knew how much.

Henna C, Leicester


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